A journey through musical and visual interpretations by Anaxy, Cyclotron, ds-xorg visuals, EchoLogy, Enzym, Escape Now!, fishualz, Idhren, KERN, Kryptic Universe, Mary Smith, Mr. Incognito, Noize Creator, Pure Zero.

Dresden has long boasted a very vibrant electronica music scene. Some artists are known outside the city, making music in other European countries, in Japan or the USA. Ten local musicians presented a special 20 minute interpretations in space, together with the city’s VJs – a kaleidoscope of electronic sounds - during the Tonlagen Festival 2010.

Our space project was part of the following
Mars - Mr Incognito :: visuals:
Saturn - Escape Now! :: visuals:
Transneptunische Objekte - Enzym :: visuals:
Nemesis - Noize Creator :: visuals: