mirror is a network installation presented at the CYNETART 2008 Festival.

mirror is an interconnected installation with two spaces. it plays with the mirror image of ourselves. at the moment of entering the installation my own image is send to the other space and will appear in an abstract form on the walls and vice versa. we’ll see just a contour, no face or details.

mirror is forcing us to get involved with the counterpart, to create a common movement or gesture, to adjust to the observer in the other space. therefore we need a certain empathy for our opponent. with the image of the allegedly strange counterpart we’re tempted, and within the setup “forced“, to allow for our instinct to go - or not - for common feelings and movements. without any (spoken) agreements.
thus we link to our archetypal human manner of imitation, egality and as the counterpart, the indiviualism.

you decide…

Year: 2008
Idea /Concept: Johanna Roggan & ds-x.org
Visual Design: ds-x.org
Software Visuals: Kalyspo by Frieder Weiss
Software Sound: Ableton Live + Max4Live
Sound Design: Michael Lotz

suppported by CYNETART 2010
special thanks to Frieder Weiss for assistance and support in kalypso and the realisation of this project